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Longstem Tubestock
A radical tree planting technique for application in riparian, rain forest, arid regions & areas of high salinity & for general forestation & re-forestation programs

A manual covering the development and application of the longstem tubestock system of propagation and planting for trees and understory vegetation is now available. It is designed  to assist growers and planters to understand the principles and practices involved in the longstem tubestock technology.

The manual is accompanied by two DVDs, one fully illustrating the field application and planting techniques employed with longstem tubestock as well as propagation and nursery procedures. Both the manual and DVD considerably expand on the longstem tubestock information contained on this website. Duration of the DVD - 45 minutes.

The second DVD is a fascinating insight into Australian wildlife, very much dependent upon the restoration and maintenance of the natural environment upon which it's future survival is critically balanced. Duration of the DVD - 30 minutes.

This kit, including Longstem Tubestock Manual and two DVDs, is available at a price of $A10.00 plus $A3.50 packing & postage within Australia. 
To order and to check details of payment options email - norkhil@bordernet.com.au

The Longstem Tubestock Manual is a high resolution ring-bound document and an effective companion to the two DVDs. However if the DVDs are not required a lower resolution PDF version of the manual, suitable for email transmission, is available "FREE" upon request.
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